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Le Morte d'Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table - Thomas Malory, Keith Baines, Robert Graves I started reading this book almost 20 years ago, but made the mistake of reading T.H. White's The Once and Future King first. The difference in prose between a book written in the 1950s (White) and a book written in the 15th century (Malory) was so stark as to make this book nigh impenetrable. Needless to say, my memory of the book is having read up through a battle that seemed like a series of people losing their horses and going to get another in order to lose their horse again. The story read like a baseball box score in paragraph form.

For example (purely by memory):
Sir X rode into battle and killed 10 people, then had his horse killed. He left battle and returned with another horse, and killed 10 more people before losing his horse again. Sir Y also had a pretty good day in battle, killing 15 people, then losing a horse, then returning to kill Sir Z, who had killed 20 people up to that point.

Very dry.

I can see myself giving it another try eventually, simply because the legends are so fascinating, but I can't see myself getting up a hill this steep.